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Paul Di Filippo
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I ponder Swanwick's new novel:

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I look at a book of essays on eco-SF.

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Images after the cut.

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I'm proud to have the headliner spot at the BARNES AND NOBLE REVIEW today:


Posted by Paul DiFi.
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It's always a pleasure to hear from old pals who have been out of touch--especially when they bear glad tidings.

Brian Clark--author, editor and publisher extraordinaire, who was so instrumental in getting my novel CIPHERS into print--has contacted me after a period of relative quiet to inform me that he's re-launching PUCK magazine.

Three cheers!

Read all about it here:

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Did Ed Wood script this? Well may you ask....

But I'll never tell!

Especially since I don't have the source readily to hand anymore.

Extra points to anyone who can provide the title and issue number for this.
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Sometime in the 23rd century, an ailing crewmember is rushed into the sickbay of the USS Enterprise, where crotchety but competent Dr. McCoy stands ready to treat him. A quick diagnosis via non-invasive tricorder, and the future physician knows just what treatment is needed. The required drug is administered swiftly and painlessly without ever breaking the patient's skin, thanks to McCoy's off-the-shelf "hypospray" gadget.

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Russ Reynolds, that's me. You probably remember my name from when I ran the country for three days. Wasn't that a wild time? I'm sorry I started a trade war with several countries around the globe. I bet you're all grateful things didn't ramp up to the shooting stage. I know I am. And the UWA came out ahead in the end, right? No harm, no foul. Thanks for being so understanding and forgiving. I assure you that my motives throughout the whole affair, although somewhat selfish, were not ignoble. And now that things have quieted down, I figured people would be calm enough to want to listen to the whole story behind those frighteningly exciting events.


This is a sample of Fast Forward 1, an anthology of future fiction in an accelerated age, edited by Lou Anders.

Comments from Cory Doctorow.
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